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Grading Policy

Grading Policy

At Dolores Huerta Middle School, we believe that the purpose of grading is to help students and families understand where students are in relation to mastering a given standard or competency.  Because of this, all work will be aligned to a standard or competency.  Student mastery of the standards is key, so when students have not yet mastered a standard, they will be retaught and reassessed.  Students will be scored on a rubric of mastery, and those who do not complete an assignment or assessment will be given an incomplete rather than a zero until they finish the assignment.  As students progress, their previous scores on discrete skills will be excluded from being counted so families and students can see how far they’ve progressed while having their grade accurately reflect their current level of mastery.  Students will earn a 1-4 score for each assignment, standards, and class. The scores represent the following levels of mastery towards grade level standards: 1 = Developing mastery, 2 = Approaching mastery, 3 = Mastery, 4 = Exceeds Mastery.

Late Work

Because learning is the most important aspect of given assignments, late work will not be penalized; we want the learning to happen, and learning is not shown by the due date of an assignment, support will be provided so that the learning can be shown at a different time or through a different assignment.