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Homework Policy


We believe that homework should have purpose and meaning and may be any of the following: prep for in class learning the next day, work left at the end of class, or optional extension activities; we also feel that reading daily in any language or type of text, is a valuable practice to develop reading fluency.

No Homework? No Problem!
Although our homework policy focuses on not having students practice new learning at home, there is always something for them to do.

  1. Check their grades on Aeries.  If you see any orange squares next to assignments, that means that those assignments are missing.  Have them work to complete them and turn them in.
  2. Have them read for 20-30 minutes every night.  It doesn't matter what they read or in what language, as long as it is at their reading level.  Have them explain to you what they read about. You can even read a book together and talk about it.
  3. Have them work on iReady My Path in reading and math.  This is a great way of helping them brush up on areas in which they struggle.
  4. If you are interested in additional practice for certain classes, please contact their teachers.